1. I am a beloved sinner.
  2. A recent widow, mom, grand-mom & great-grand-mom.
  3. In Covid limbo. Not even sure what that means.
  4. I have made an untold number of missteps in my seventy-three years, and, please God, a suitable number of corrections. Sometimes, with a straight face, I profess to know everything. Most times, while laughing at myself hysterically, I admit to knowing nothing. 
  5. While I use the term loosely, I have authored a book, Why Surrender is NOT a Four-Letter Word. Though I think there is an unwritten law that at least one other person, possessing some bit of authority (not your mother) knights you “Author” and, maybe, pays you for your work. Anyway, I fancy myself a writer. You can decide for yourself. If you would like to read more about my book and information regarding a copy, go here.

My blog is comprised of ongoing writings that have been inspired by something God has revealed to me, usually in my day-to-day screw-ups, and sometimes awesome stuff that didn’t hurt! All blessings too incredible to keep to myself.

Also, I’m sure you’re dying to know this – so, yes, God talks to me. But not in that “still small voice” some people experience. It’s more like the whack of a 2×4. And believe me, sister, when that happens to you often enough, you learn to catch yourself screwing up! It makes life a little easier with fewer lumps!
I’m so glad you stopped by, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Come visit anytime!

This page was updated 2/02/2022

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