Let us be Silly!


This song has made me laugh for years: I Will Survive 

Watch it, it’s very short. Then come back!

Are you laughing? Come on. That was funny! Now wipe that frown off your face and let’s get to the funny business because we just take life way too serious.

Do you think that God doesn’t have a sense of humor?


If He wouldn’t have had a sense of humor, Genesis may have read a bit differently, “And God made the beasts of the earth according to its kind (Genesis 1:25)…. Then God decided to quit while He was ahead, “I can now kick back and enjoy all the beauty of my creation; the mountains, streams, and valleys, all the lovely, well-behaved animals. Aha, those majestic sunsets, whew, I think I out-did myself with that one! My grand plan is for every creature to simply exist for my pure pleasure. I like it. I’m done. Why muck it up?”

But one other part of “Us” (probably the Spirit) objected, “But, Lord, who will return our love then? Isn’t that what this all about”?  To which God replied, “Oh, please! Let’s think about this. If we want them to love us, we will have to give them all the free-will to do it, and you know what that’s gonna make them don’t you? A royal pain! They’ll go their own way and forget that I created them to live in peace and joy and harmony.”

But, alas, God recanted, “Okay, fine. But if we’re going to do this, we can’t have all drama and whining. If they can’t laugh at themselves; if they can’t take a little ribbing occasionally, then we’re gonna replace them with more trees and rocks”!

So God made humankind in his image (Genesis 1:26), reluctantly giving everyone a free-will (He already knew how it was going to turn out). And just as He foresaw, almost immediately, it went downhill! Whining and complaining just as God predicted. Adam and Eve started it. You know, if you read Scripture, it reads like a litany of pouters and grumblers: Cain, Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Sarah, the apostles. I could go on and on. And, yes, we do the same thing. Shake our fists and whine to God when our day doesn’t go as planned; when our kids don’t turn out as planned; when dinner is burnt; when we aren’t succeeding – obtaining enough “stuff” –  losing enough weight.

Come on, people!

“A cheerful heart is a good medicine.”—Proverbs 17:22

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” James 1:2

God gave us a sense of humor to help us over the rough spots. And, truth be told, to keep us from that incessant bellyaching, “Why me, Lord”? Wha, wha, wha…

And here’s something to ponder: If God didn’t have a sense of humor there might be some modern day Noah working diligently in his backyard!

If you are going to get through this life you had better learn to really laugh – I mean laugh till you pee – laugh, or the sorrows that come, and they will come, will eat you alive. I can’t tell you how often my life lessons are peppered with laughter; laughter at myself for doing something ridiculous. God has the uncanny ability to admonish me and then stick a mirror in front of me until I can no longer keep a straight face, “I saw that Linda Russell!”

It’s a beautiful thing to know that I am a deeply loved idiot!


LET US BE LOVELY – Edward Monkton

Let us be lovely,

And let us be kind,

Let us be silly and free.

It won’t make us famous,

It won’t make us rich.

But damnit how HAPPY we’ll be!

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